Robert Lemos

Huge iTunes patch: Apply it and move on

Although 163 security fixes is a big update for any product, Apple users should be more concerned with recent Java issues

Security pros advise users to ditch Java

The 'write once, run anywhere' software platform has become a favorite of cyber attackers. Is it time for users to kill their Java?

Hackers in the limelight: Scenes from Black Hat 2012

Hackers in the limelight: Scenes from Black Hat 2012

The annual security fest featured thrills and chills as the pros did their best to make everyone feel afraid

Grum botnet takedown puts spam on the run

Security firm FireEye helps bring down the world's third-largest spam botnet, and its spam drops from a deluge down to a trickle

Flame stashes secrets in USB drives

While viruses have spread on removable storage for decades, the Flame attack takes it to a whole new level

What IT can do now that user passwords aren't safe

Telling employees to not reuse passwords is an insufficient strategy. Here's what else you can do

Apple's operating systems: Fortresses or prisons?

Apple continues to add features that close the operating systems to competition but at the same time make them more secure

Flamer starts a flame war over origin

Nation-state or not? Security researchers find indications the malware that targeted Iranian systems was professionally developed, but evidence is still scarce

Could the .secure domain make the Internet safer?

Security firm argues that by imposing meaningful standards, websites will gravitate to validated domain -- not everyone agrees

Flashback malware turns Macs into moola, says Symantec

Investigation of the Flashback trojan reveals a clickfraud scheme scoring its perpetrators as much as $10,000 a day

Scrambls puts control of social media back in the hands of users

Service allows users to keep their Facebook posts away from prying eyes -- including Google -- and lets corporations redact sensitive posts

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