Neil McAllister

Google offers developers a peek at Glass

Prototypes of Google's wearable computing technology will ship next year -- for a hefty price

Sencha Architect: Visual HTML5, sort of

Sencha's drag-and-drop tool for building Web and mobile apps is friendly to designers if they're also developers

Where do all the old programmers go?

In search of the fabled elephants' graveyard of software developers over 40

7 programming myths -- busted!

The tools are sharper, but software development remains rife with misconceptions on productivity, code efficiency, offshoring, and more

Oracle vs. Google: Who owns the Java APIs?

Oracle calls dibs on the Java APIs, even if Java itself is open. If the court agrees, it'll be bad news for developers everywhere

The ugly underbelly of coder culture

Today's developers are overwhelmingly young and male, and they're barring the door from a more diverse workforce

Last call for client-side Java

As browser makers move to block vulnerable plug-ins, Java's future as a client-side platform is uncertain

What developers can expect at Google I/O 2012

Google's annual developer conference sold out in 20 minutes. Here's what all the fuss is about

Web Components: New hope for Web designers

Experimental Web technology aims to make it easier to build rich Web apps with ordinary markup and CSS

Why new programming languages succeed -- or fail

Some languages become industry favorites, while others drift into obscurity. What sets the successes apart?

Develop Metro apps? Say no to this con

Microsoft says Windows 8 will be a bonanza for developers. Who does it think it's kidding?

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