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Randall C. Kennedy
Randall C. Kennedy is a contributing editor of the InfoWorld Test Center, and he writes the Enterprise Desktop blog.

On the road to the virtual desktop

Desktop technology: Streaming to a screen near you

Desktop VM managers make a virtual two-horse race

VMware ACE lags the pace

Desktop virtualization tools vie for position

Light makes right for virtual machine performance

Thinstall removes barriers to application virtualization

Application and desktop virtualization under the hood

SoftGrid opens a stream toward application manageability

Altiris shakes up Windows configuration management

PremiTech bridges the client gap

Heroix explores new territory with Longitude

Taking performance management to the edge

Exclusive: e-Test 8.0 earns very good marks

APM gets smart with ProactiveNet's latest

How we tested the workstations

How we put the workstations under pressure

Two takes on preproduction testing

Veritas i3 6.5 delivers but lacks polish

How I tested

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