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Paul Krill

Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Google hands over control of Google Web Toolkit to steering committee

Google pledges computing without limits in Compute Engine cloud platform

Eclipse's Juno release train features tools for mobile developers

Facebook: We need to create our own dev and management tools

Hadoop becomes critical cog in the big data machine

Kaiser, Apollo Group vouch for private cloud

Applicasa expands server-side mobile app dev service to Android

Eclipse app developers moving to mobile

Microsoft: Building Metro apps for ARM the same as for Intel PCs

Microsoft opens up access to cloud-based ALM server

Microsoft extends Visual Studio Express 2012 to desktop apps

Oracle to Spring developers: Convert to Java EE

Enterprises get serious about mobile app testing

Jira 5.1 will focus on scalability for enterprise clients

JavaScript founder dismisses Google Native Client

Moonlight goes dark as Silverlight wanes

JRuby gets speedier in version 1.7

Cloudant expands data services reach to Europe

GitHub embraces Windows developers

Microsoft's Visual Studio 11 lineup adds Windows Phone, Azure tools

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