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Microprocessor giants settle with Patriot Scientific

Study says mobile content ready to explode in India

Coghead launches VAR program for online app dev

BlueNote Networks to offer APIs for unified communications

Google picks iPhone for launch of new mobile app

Salesforce launches data-sharing technology

Metastorm to acquire Spotlight Data

Autonomy to offer first remote legal hold application

SPSS and Business Objects sign OEM pact

Microsoft set to release SP1 for Exchange Server

SaaS delivery model takes new turn

RightNow November release includes unique widget

Dell wants to be more than a hardware vendor

Gartner predicts lower software licenses ahead

Google offers API for Outlook migration to Gmail

Microsoft upgrades Customer Care Framework

Monta Vista launches Linux Carrier Edition 5.0

Sprint hints at cutback on ambitious nationwide WiMax rollout

Correos delivers on the promise of RFID

MedicAlert responds to SOA’s call

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