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Andrew Binstock
Andrew Binstock is senior contributing editor of the InfoWorld Test Center.

BEA rides Java toward SOA

Lint traps bugs at compile time

Coverity and Klocwork code analyzers drill deeper

Middleware finds its mojo again

2005 survey spots trends in software development

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Compuware aims for hacker-proof ASP.Net applications

Qt 4 raises the bar for cross-platform application development tools

Akimbi puts virtualization to the test

Exclusive: IBM enters enterprise search fray

Java, 10 years later

Client-facing Java perks up

Exclusive: CodeAssure 2.0 seeks out security holes in your software

Sun harnesses the power of Java for the enterprise

Borland turns hard-core

Eclipse casts long shadow

Four Java IDEs duke it out

Compuware targets untested code

Automate security audits for source code

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