Review: QNAP TVS-882T NAS piles on the features

With a built-in hypervisor, countless add-ons, and even a remote control, this ‘storage’ server might solve some problems you didn’t know you had

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  • QNAP TVS-882T

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We’ve seen a steady flow of multifunction NAS boxes over the years. What began as relatively straightforward uses of Linux software RAID and mildly customized hardware has blossomed into a crop of multifaceted appliances that sport a full-on rampage of capabilities. In some cases, the NAS functionality may be one of the more minor considerations. QNAP’s TVS-882T is a prime example of this new class of NAS.

The TVS-882T supports a plethora of software features, starting with the usual stable of open source packages like MariaDB, Apache, Node.js, and PHP and extending to virtualization and containers and beyond. The TVS-882T works with many types of surveillance cameras and can serve as a print server, media server, VPN server, and RADIUS authentication server, as well as an FTP and web server. It can even serve as a host for virtual machines and containers.

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