How not to choose an IoT platform

Would you commit to a platform for internet applications? Then why would you do so for IoT applications?

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What's the best platform for internet applications?

Stupid question, right? Yet it's the same question vendors pose to developers regarding the internet of things. Don't fall into this trap -- the only answer is a highly proprietary, locked-in environment for whatever purpose the vendor has decided to slap the IoT label on. IoT is more variable and subtle than that -- and your tool selection should not assume the use of a platform.

IoT investments should start with the project, not the platform

The internet of things is, first of all, no more a thing than the internet is. IoT really means a network of connected devices that can be sensors, actuators, and/or miniature computers optimized for one or more tasks. What those devices are, what they do, and what you do with them and the information they collect and act on is the basis for choosing an IoT platform.

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