FileMaker 15 tour: Making business apps for the mobile web

The venerable database application has become a popular tool for creating your own business apps. Now you can use those apps wherever you go

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The business world is full of inventories, catalogs and other lists that sit in spreadsheets or databases that would be more useful if you could take them out of the office. With FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect, you can.

FileMaker has long been a way of creating database applications that combines powerful tools for professionals (you can connect to Oracle, SQL -- including PostgresSQL and DB2 -- ODBC, and XML data, create workflow and business logic, set up scripts, and do data validation and conditional formatting) with an interface that's no more complicated than Excel.

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That's not about helping employees work around official processes, Andrew LeCates of FileMaker points out, but about acknowledging that the formal processes don't cover everything.

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