Will the iPhone 7 win over Android users?

Also in today's open source roundup: Why switching to iPhone from Android is not easy, and Linux botnet attacks grow larger

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Will the iPhone 7 win over Android users?

There are lots of rumors going around right now about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7, and many in the media have been speculating about its design and hardware features. A writer at SlashGear recently wondered if the iPhone 7 might finally sway a large number of users away from Android and into Apple's iOS ecosystem.

Chris Burns reports for SlashGear:

Could the iPhone 7 be the model that makes the Android-loyal masses make a switch to Apple's iOS platform? Details leaked this week may point in that direction. Based on what we're seeing here and now, the iPhone 7 could jump the shark, so to speak, bringing in a collection of features that appeared on Android-based devices first, starting with a pair of cameras at the back of the device.

If the leaked images we're seeing this week end up being accurate, this could also be a real turning point for Apple's industrial design - and maybe not in the right direction.

Some leaks suggest the iPhone 7 will have to distinct camera lenses at its back. Two separate circles. Other leaks suggest that the next iPhone will have a pill-shaped form at its back, with both camera lenses being covered with a single piece of exterior glass.

We're also to understand that the iPhone 7 may follow the iPad pro with a pair of stereo speakers emanating from both sides of the device - top and bottom. Still no front-facing speakers, but we'll take what we can get.

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Why switching to iPhone from Android is not easy

Speaking of the iPhone and Android users, one writer at The Times of India made the switch from Android to iOS. But he found that it was not an easy task to accomplish, he had to overcome a number of annoying problems to successfully make the switch.

Vindu Goel reports for The Times of India:

I have finally caved in: My phone is now an iPhone. And I got there the way that many others have: by switching from an Android-based smartphone. About six weeks ago, I swapped my two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S5 for a new iPhone 6S to better understand Apple's flagship product as I began a new assignment about the company.

Switching phone operating systems should in theory be simple. First you transfer your data from the old phone to the new one. Then you reinstall your favorite apps. Finally you customize the settings for features like ring tones and notifications and learn the quirks of your new device.

But as I learned, many things can go wrong, and my experience is not unusual.

The problems began at the outset. I downloaded Apple's switching app, Move to iOS, to my Samsung and paired the two phones. The app got stuck in the middle of the data transfer and eventually froze.

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Linux botnet attacks have grown larger

Security is an ongoing challenge for all operating systems, including Linux. Botnet malware attacks have grown on the Linux platform, according to a report on ZDNet.

Danny Palmer reports for ZDNet:

Hackers are using malware which targets Linux to build botnets to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS attacks) security researchers have warned.

The so-called BillGates Trojan botnet family of malware - apparently so named by the virus writers because it targets machines running Linux, not Windows - has been labelled with a "high" risk factor in a threat advisory issued by Akamai's Security Intelligence Research Team.

Akamai said the biggest attack to date using such a botnet occurred towards the end of 2015.

"The biggest attack campaign observed, including malicious traffic from the BillGates botnet along with other various attack vectors, was on December 30, 2015 and had a well-distributed peak bandwidth of about 308 Gbps across our scrubbing centers," the advisory said, and Akamai warns that the power of the attacks is on the rise - which is why the malware has been given a "high" risk factor.

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