Review: Amazon Web Services is eating the world

Amazon continues to define the cloud with an unrivaled set of services for developers, IT, and data crunchers

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Is it possible to review Amazon Web Services in one article? Not a chance. What about a book? Perhaps a long one, preferably with several volumes. The reality is that Amazon’s cloud business is larger than ever and spawning new features, services, and options faster than any one person could begin to follow. The company is swallowing the Internet by delivering the simplest way to create complex, highly scalable, data-rich applications.

The scope of the project is amazing. There are, in my exploration, at least 10 different ways to store your data and four different ways to buy raw computation. If you need more than raw power, Amazon is moving up the stack by delivering cloud versions of many sophisticated tools for analyzing large data sets, like Hadoop, Spark, and Elasticsearch.

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