Make the most of Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Microsoft's next-gen PaaS, Service Fabric, offers unique benefits -- including support for stateful services and Reliable Actors. Here's how to get all you can from it

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When Microsoft launched Azure, it made the ambitious decision to offer it as a PaaS-only cloud that primarily targeted .Net developers who wanted to build scalable, composable applications. But customers wanted more, such as the ability to upload existing workloads in VMs. So Microsoft started offering IaaS and Azure’s original PaaS was pushed to the sidelines.

Now we’ve come full circle. Customers are gradually realizing that PaaS is key to using the cloud effectively, which is why all the major cloud providers from Amazon to Google to IBM now offer PaaS functionality -- including Microsoft, which recently relaunched Azure’s PaaS in the shape of Azure Service Fabric.

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