Are feminists targeting Linus Torvalds for sexual assault charges?

In today's open source roundup: Are prominent open source developers being targeted by feminists for sexual assault charges? Plus: Linux redditors sound off on SJWs possibly targeting Linus and other developers

Are feminists targeting Linus Torvalds for sexual assault charges?

Linus Torvalds is one of the best known open source developers in the world. And that prominence might have made him - and some other top open source developers - the alleged targets of some feminists for sexual assault charges, according to a post on the blog of Eric S. Raymond.

Allum Bokhari reports for Breitbart Tech:

Feminists in tech have been staging attempted “honey traps” to frame prominent male software developers for sexual assault, according to explosive claims on the blog of Eric S. Raymond, a pioneer of the open source movement. In allegations that will rock the world of software development, prominent targets included Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel.

Raymond quoted excerpts from an online chat with a trusted source, who told him that the Ada Inititiative, a recently-discontinued feminist advocacy group in tech, was trying to “collect scalps” by concocting charges of attempted sexual assault against male software developers.

The source told Raymond that the “MO” of the feminists was to “get alone with the target, and then immediately report attempted sexual assault.” The source said he had stopped mentoring female developers over fears that they might fabricate such charges.

In another explosive claim, the source also alleged that Linus Torvalds, the renowned creator of the Linux kernel, perhaps the most famous example of open source software, is a top target of the Ada Initiative. “Linus is never alone at any conference,” claimed the source. “This is not because he lets fame go to his head and likes having a posse around. They have made multiple runs at him.”

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Here are some snippets from the blog post by Eric S. Raymond, click through to see the entire post with the full IRC conversation:

...if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp.

Just let the implications of that sink in for a bit. If my source is to be believed (and I have found him both well-informed and completely trustworthy in the past) this was not a series of misunderstandings, it was a deliberately planned and persistent campaign to frame Linus and feed him to an outrage mob.

I have to see it as an an attempt to smear and de-legitimize the Linux community (and, by extension, the entire open-source community) in order to render it politically pliable.

Linus hasn’t spoken out about this; I can think of several plausible and good reasons for that. And the Ada Initiative shut down earlier this year. Nevertheless, this report is consistent with reports of SJW dezinformatsiya tactics from elsewhere and I think it would be safest to assume that they are being replicated by other women-in-tech groups.

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As you might imagine, all of this caught the attention of Linux redditors and they weren't shy about sharing their opinions about it:

TwistedLucidity: ”This kind of "Never be alone with..." policy is increasingly common.

It's a shame that we have to stoop to that level of paranoia and can't treat each other like rational human beings. Yes, there are idiots out there. Let's deal with those idiots and not damn the 99.99% of people who are honest, decent and just want to get on with life.

edit: We should also keep in mind we are dealing with hearsay. There is no verifiable proof as yet. Maybe there never will be, it might be fantasy.”

Porkchop: ”When I was studying martial arts, the instructor put in huge glass windows between the work out rooms so he could never be alone with a woman or girl.”

Kyoraki: ”As has been said, men have been at the mercy of these nutters pushing for collective guilt for years. Maybe if we give them a taste of their own medicine, the 99.99% of sane people will actually do something about it for a change. ”

Natermer: ”PC culture and SJW is the enemy of every descent human being.

This is what happens when you have a group of people running around with puritanical doctrines about race, religion, and sexuality trying to force their views on everybody else. They can justify any behavior and any tactic to themselves because they see it as a higher calling with a far more ethical and moral purity then what 'mundanes' like you and I adhere to in our normal day to day activities.

What these people (SJW, etc) don't realize is that they are as bad or worse then the sort of 'right wingers' that they believe they are fighting against. They don't understand that they are the SAME group of people, in terms of actual behavior and effect on society, as the people they believe they hate.

It's sad because many of them mean well and are very passionate and caring people. Just misguided and have a myopic view of human relationships. (although some of them are just poisonous people who enjoy the drama)”

DoshmanV2: ”This is conspiracy bullshit. The powers that be are using social justice to destroy FLOSS? Are you off your meds?”

Inhuman4: ”It's not a conspiracy, it's a social movement.

In the last few years we have seen the emergence of people who demand political correctness and play the victim. While simultaneously viciously attacking people who's politics they don't agree with.

Specifically to the Linux community we had donglegate, where a woman while evesdropping overheard a joke to which she objected, and proceeded to rally the her friends to get two men fired. Or more recently how Sara Sharp tried to rally the blogosphere to attack Linus for "promoting violence". Or the drama surrounding the Ada Initiative getting talks shutdown at Linux conferences because they might "trigger" someone. ”

Gnuworlder: ”Since when do people take esr seriously?”

Thesd: ”Whenever his writing aligns with their personal narrative.”

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