Is the Chromebook Pixel worth buying?

In today's open source roundup: Should you buy the Chromebook Pixel? Plus: Which Android devices will get Android 6.0 Marshmellow? And how well is Android 6.0 running for you?

Is the Chromebook Pixel worth buying?

Chromebooks have proven to be big sellers on Amazon, with many models getting high star ratings and positive reviews from customers. But what about the Chromebook Pixel? Is it worth buying? A redditor asked that very question in the Chrome OS subreddit and got some interesting answers.

CompanyCalls asked his question about the Chromebook Pixel:

I'm very curious about the Chromebook Pixel, I love my Acer C720 and find that I can do most things I want on it. I could probably sell a few things and pick up a used Pixel, I was just wondering what have your experiences with yours been? What are you using it for? Was it worth the investment? Anything would be good to know!

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His fellow redditors responded with their thoughts about the Chromebook Pixel:

Computer_Scientist: ”Software Engineer here. Bought a Pixel LS in March and have been using it at work every single day since. In short, it's hands down the best laptop I have ever owned. Hardware on all fronts is best in class, from the screen to the battery to the touchpad to the keyboard. The SSD is small but if you need a lot of storage space then most SSD-based laptops will underwhelm.

And just to be clear, I have Crouton installed but it is extremely rare that I actually use it. Everything I do is done via ChromeOS + SSH. I wrote a post going into great detail about my development setup HERE.

And the rhetoric about "well why would you pay that much for an internet browser" is a farce. What does the average person use their Macbook/Windows laptop for? Unless you have a specific need (e.g. a designer that uses Photoshop, a musician that uses Ableton), most of what you do on a computer nowadays is totally browser based.

With the Pixel you are paying for hardware that offers you the best in class browsing experience coming from a laptop. There is no stuttering, no lag, no choppiness; there are no render issues, no fans whirring up, no delays between tab switches, no running out of RAM. There is also no virus scanning, no Java nagging you for an update, no forced rebooting, no 2 minute startup time, no bloatware; there are no service packs to install, there will be no operating system updates that will require a system wipe, there is no system to wipe. You are using Chrome in its ideal form; and what you are really paying for when you buy one is an unimpeded browsing experience.”

Shamowfski: ”Best laptop I ever owned. I loved mine. Keyboard trackpad and screen were all amazing and I even used the touch screen way more than I thought I would. Also used the type c to charge my wife's mscbook a couple of times while flying.”

Crazyabguy: ”One of the best laptop screens available in terms of resolution and clarity, excellent keyboard and trackpad, USB-c charging, fantastic performance, 12 hours of battery life. Combine that with the simplicity, high security and maintenance free chrome os platform and you have a killer combination. The Pixel is not for the budget minded but is a premium device that screams high quality.

Don't be fooled by the its only a browser crowd. I use my Pixel for email, calendar, task management, docs and spreadsheets, Google+, Reddit, Facebook, Music, Movies, YouTube, Kindle Reader, Feedly, Evernote, Netflix, Podcasts, online banking, Mint Personal Finances, eLearning, blogging, basic games, hangouts, webinars, etc. You know, just basic web browsing! lol! ”

PlatinumX: ”I have a Nexus 9 and a gen 2 Pixel and I haven't used the N9 in probably 6 months+, but I use the Pixel every day. Browsing on a tablet just sucks.

The only place I'd ever go without wifi is a plane (I tether to my phone if I'm somewhere that doesn't have direct wifi), and in that case I just load up an SD card with movies or use offline mode. I don't know what else I'd want to do without an internet connection.”

Tacomonstrous: ”Here's the thing: if you spend a lot of time in the browser, then there is just no better experience on the planet than the Pixel (LS, in my case). The touchpad, keyboard and screen are simply top of the line and everything about it is just downright joyful. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. ”

Plankfurt: ”I cannot imagine browser the internet any other way. I was nervous when I bought it, but it is by far the absolute best laptop I have ever used or owned. It's responsiveness, screen, keyboard, build quality, you name it. It's all amazing. ”

Crazyabguy: ”I have both the original 2013 Pixel and the 2015 Pixel and love them both. I'm using them for pretty much all my computing needs and have never had a problem with either although I've only had the 2015 model for a few weeks. In my opinion, they were worth every penny I paid for them. They are quality built machines in the same league as my rMBP or my high-end Windows Thinkpad which are both gathering dust as I'm always on one of the Pixels. If you like premium machines you will love the Pixel.”

DasKnocker: ”New owner of a '15 Pixel (i7) here- it certainly is the best laptop I've owned. I bought it used for just under 900 USD. The build quality, screen, and audio are the real luxuries here.

Came from a ASUS G73jw that caught fire. While the smaller screen takes some adjustment, everything else 'just worked'. I currently run Unity for programs that don't have an online equivalent. Sadly, I have to use other computers for Autodesk programs, so that's my only negative with this computer. ”

Balefrost: ”The Pixel is like an expensive car, and is for two kinds of people: those that are going to push the hardware, and those that just want a premium experience. If all you want is an upgrade from the C720, there are a lot of much more cost effective alternatives. As I said over here[1] , the Dell 13 looks like a really nice device for the price. I really like my Pixel, but if the Dell had been available at the time, I might have ended up with it instead.”

Rafaelment: ”Its been great. I found chromeOS fast and fun, but switched to linux soon. The hardware is astounding, finally something that can shine even next to a mac thing.”

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