Another day, another Windows 10 cumulative update, KB 3093466

We have yet another update to Windows 10 -- call it CU 7 -- with absolutely no description or explanation

Another day, another Windows 10 cumulative update, KB 3093466
Credit: mera via Flickr

Once again, Microsoft is forcing a Windows 10 patch with absolutely no description other than "This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10."

It's cumulative, thus you can install it and not worry about the CUs that have come before.

I've informally numbered the CUs thusly:

  • Aug 5, CU 1 = KB 3081424 (triggered endless reboots)
  • Aug 12, CU 2 = KB 3081436 (also triggered endless reboots)
  • Aug 14, CU 3 = KB 3081438 (reboots and error 0x80070bc9)
  • Aug 18, CU 4 = KB 3081444 (fixes Internet Explorer)
  • Aug 27, CU 5 = KB 3081448
  • Sept 8, CU 6 = KB 3081455 (covers MS15-094 thru 15-105)
  • Sept 15, CU 6.1 = KB 3095020 for Russian, Bulgarian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, and Tajik locale tags
  • Sept 30, CU 7 = KB 3093266

If you don't install CU 7 manually, your machine will no doubt reboot tonight.

Microsoft has admitted that it jumbles security patches, Windows fixes, and various feature changes in its Win10 patches. As this is a cumulative patch, expect more of the same.

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