Microsoft holds hot sale on cold Surface Pro 3

In apparent anticipation of a Surface Pro 4 announcement, Microsoft has cut prices on its long-in-the-tooth version

Microsoft holds hot sale on cold Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is throwing a clear-out sale. Starting this morning and ending at 23:59 p.m. PT, the Microsoft Store is offering $100 to $200 discounts on Surface Pro 3 tablets.

The sale prices look like this for Surface Pro 3 models:

  • Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB = $649, or $779 with keyboard (Surface Pro Type cover), which is a savings of $150
  • Core i5 processor, 4GB, and 128GB = $899, or $1,029 with keyboard, a savings of $100
  • Core i5 processor, 8GB, and 256GB = $1,149, or $1,279 with keyboard, a savings of $150
  • Core i7 processor, 8GB, and 256GB = $1,349, or $1,479 with keyboard, a savings of $200
  • Core i7 processor, 8GB, and 512GB = $1,749, or $1,879 with keyboard, a savings of $200

All of those prices include Windows 10 pre-installed (not Windows 8.1), a pen, and a sleeve/carrying case, with free standard shipping.

Microsoft continues to offer its Surface Pro 3 bundle, which includes the tablet, pen, Surface Pro Type cover, sleeve/carrying case (all included in the above prices), one year of Office 365 Home or Personal, and Microsoft Complete Action Protection. If you want the bundle, add $139 to the prices listed above.

Of course, the Windows world is anticipating Oct. 6, when Microsoft is likely to unveil the Surface Pro 4. SP4 is rumored to include the new Skylake processor from Intel -- thus no fan and better battery life -- possibly a RealSense 3D camera, which will allow it to use Windows Hello for facial recognition sign-on, and maybe a larger display (14 inches?). It may even include USB Type C ports. All we know for sure is that accessories built for the Surface Pro 3 size factor will work on (some version of) the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft also put on sale the Microsoft Band ($150, which is a savings of $50), the Wireless Display Adapter/Miracast thrower ($40, a savings of $20), various Windows phones, the Asus Transformer T300 Chi 2-in-1 with Windows 8.1 ($497, a savings of $202) and the HP Stream x360, an 11-inch 2-in-1 with Windows 8.1, one year of Office 365 Personal, and a $25 Windows Store Gift card ($219, a savings of $50).

There are a few additional discounts on Signature Edition (read: no crapware) computers on the Microsoft Store sale main page.

Windows 10 nagware is included with the Win 8.1 PCs at no extra charge, of course.

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