Windows Store automatic updates can be turned off in all versions of Windows 10

Another feature improvement slipped by, and it could be a big step in the right direction

Windows Store automatic updates can be turned off in all versions of Windows 10
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Various sites are reporting that the Windows 10 Cumulative Update 5, KB 3081448, has changed Windows 10 Home machines so that the user can now specify whether Windows Store updates happen automatically, or whether customers can choose when to install updates.

In my experience, that isn't the case. It appears to me that Windows Store itself has changed, because the option to automatically install updates appears on my Windows 10 Pro, Home, and new TH2 build 10532 machines.

Take a look. Fire up the Windows Store. In the upper-right corner, click on your personal icon, then choose Settings. Up at the top, you should see a setting for App Updates, which can be configured to Update Apps Automatically either On or Off.

It's a big deal because the Windows Store has been used in the past (and may well be used in the future) to update all sorts of Windows 10 applications.

If that's the case -- if Microsoft has, indeed, offered Win10 Current Build members to control whether Windows Store apps are updated automatically -- we're witnessing a big step in the right direction. Bravo and huzzah.

Now, if we could only get documentation on these truly important changes.

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