Build microservices apps on Azure Service Fabric

Azure Service Fabric, Microsoft's PaaS solution for microservices, provides a highly flexible framework for building cloud-scale applications. Here's how to take advantage of it

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If there’s one thing the cloud is good at, it’s hosting and running highly scalable applications. Unfortunately, by itself, the cloud doesn’t make building applications that can scale rapidly any easier. Distributed systems need to handle such complex issues as concurrency and consistency, which require new design patterns and new ways of working.

Technologies like Node.js are ideal for building microservices-based applications. But even if you employ tools like MQTT and Seneca, you still need to build your own management tooling to handle scaling. Yes, you can take advantage of AWS Lambda to work with Amazon’s PaaS-hosted Node.js to run at scale with external triggers driving applications, but that’s not the general-purpose cloud platform developers seek.

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