YouTube for Android now supports 60 FPS video

In today's open source roundup: Android users can now view 60 FPS video on YouTube. Plus: Why Ubuntu is moving to Snappy for packages. And Linux Mint 17.2 released

60 FPS YouTube video on Android

Google is going to make a lot of Android users happy with its recent update to the YouTube app. Now Android users can enjoy 60 FPS video on YouTube.

Andrew Tarantola reports for Engadget:

Google's been systematically rolling out high frame rate (HFR) video -- that's 60 frames per second -- across its YouTube ecosystem for a couple of months now. HFR debuted on standard videos last October.

Now you'll be able to follow Far Cry 4 walkthroughs on your mobile device with the same silky smooth playback that you see on your TV.

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Android redditors reacted to the news about 60 FPS video on the YouTube app:

Nbody: "Man, I love watching videos in 60fps but my Nexus 7 handles it pretty badly. Gets super hot and drains the battery very quickly. :("

SWATZombies: "Nexus 7 has been a champ for me for easy reading and watching Netflix and Amazon Instant. But yeah, anything that's graphic intensive, it falls short. Can't blame though, the chip and gpu on it is pretty old. Nevertheless I'm still impressed with its overall performance with 5.1.1."

Conor300: "Yup getting the same, I don't understand how YouTube can heat it up so much, but Twitch at the same settings, 720p60, is way cooler."

Marten: "I think it's Google's insistence on using their VP8/VP9 codecs which have terrible hardware acceleration. Whereas H.264 is handled by dedicated hardware and eats basically nothing in terms of heat and battery."

ImKuya: "They need to have an option to disable 720p60/1080p60 and keep it to 30fps when in situations such as users having limited data or to preserve battery life. Other than that, awesome!"

TempusThales: "I wish they'd give an option for regular 720p. 60fps is fine and all, but I have enough trouble buffering a video in 720p, let alone 720p and 60fps."

Iquit: "Now they just need to make an app that actually works."

Thatguy: "I just wish it would stream to Chromecast faster."

Danierusenpai: "I've never had big problems with the YouTube app, on my Xperia X10, my old S3 and now on my Note 4 it all works perfectly fine.

The biggest issue I can remember is not being able to view 1440p videos when I just got my Note 4, but the option suddenly appeared by itself a few days later."

JDGumby: "Ugh. 720p@30fps is hard enough to stream on my devices without constant buffering as it is (even home with 20mbps down over wi-fi). Guess no more mobile YouTube for me since I won't be able to force it to 720p@30fps Flash like I can on the desktop (which is smoother and crisper for me fullscreen than 720p@60fps through HTML5 is :/)."

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