Better JavaScript programming with TypeScript

TypeScript helps you write better JavaScript, tame large JavaScript projects, and prepare for ECMAScript 6 -- and getting started couldn't be easier

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If there’s a lingua franca of the modern development world, it’s JavaScript. Netscape’s browser scripting language has come a long way in almost 20 years and now can be found almost everywhere. It’s at the heart of much of our development tooling, and with server-side implementations like Node.js, it’s also driving much of the move to microservices. JavaScript is even at the heart of much of Microsoft’s development technologies. Want to extend Microsoft Office? You’re using JavaScript. Want to write a Windows 10 UI? You’re using JavaScript.

But JavaScript is not perfect, especially when you’re building a large-scale Web application that includes a lot of client code. That’s where TypeScript comes in. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds features intended for the upcoming ECMAScript 6, and it can be transcompiled into JavaScript for use in current browsers -- and on Node.js.

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