Angry redditors rally to stop SourceForge's mirror service

In today's open source roundup: Redditors want SourceForge mirror providers to stop service. Plus: GOG offers lots of Linux games in summer sale. And DistroWatch reviews Manjaro OpenRC 0.8.13

Redditors rally to block SourceForge's free mirroring

SourceForge has been in the news a lot lately, and not for positive reasons. Angry redditors are rallying to encourage the mirror providers of SourceForge to stop supporting the site.

Sunshine-x started the thread about SourceForge's mirror providers:

Just a thought - if we want to send a message to Sourceforge, we could petition their mirror providers to stop providing the service.

Perhaps someone with time/know-how could compile a list of contacts for us to use in an email campaign.

Edit: Seems the mirror services are provided to Sourceforge at no charge.

Need someone to draft a well-written email to be used in the email campaign. I'm not eloquent or persuasive enough, are you? It should touch on the key points like Sourceforge redistributing projects with malware/adware installed, how and why this affects us in the FOSS community, and how this associates them and their services with Sourceforge's shady practices - They're mirroring malware/adware, and Sourceforge profits from it.

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Sunshine-x's fellow Linux redditors shared their thoughts:

Xani: "Might also want to report is as bad to google:

So some poor soul won't hit their page from google search and download their crapware."

StraightFlush777: "At this point, all major search engines should blacklist SF and classified it as a malwares distributor."

Presidentjim: "I wouldn't be surprised if like 80% or more of their traffic comes from Google searches. If Google shut them off it would be the end of their business model. They may even try to sue Google over it."

Drekp7: "Was just wondering, would it be possible to put a clause in a free software license that would disallow what Sourceforge is doing, yet still keep the software free? (even if not GPL compatible, but still either free according to the FSF's 4 software freedoms, or at the minimum OSI / Debian guidelines free?)"

SQ377: "Making the names a trademark might work? I'm not sure how complicated that might be. Firefox does this, and Debian renamed it Iceweasel so they could patch it without getting mozilla's approval. I wouldn't be so concerned if gimp/nmap were named something completely separate but packaged with with sourceforge's spamware."

Anon2471: "I like this idea, but it made me realize SF has already violated GIMP's license. GIMP is licensed under GPL, which allows the software to be redistributed as long as it states the changes, which it appears they have not done..."

Dpoon: "As I understand it, SourceForge is distributing shovelware along with GIMP, not a trojaned version of GIMP. The GPL does not consider bundling to be a derivative work."

Flaflashr: "When and how did SF become such dicks? I used to have such respect for them."

Harrypotterthewizard: "Me too. In my last company, Sourceforge was a one-stop shop for most co-workers looking for free software. Github is good, but the interface is not as friendly to a lay-person as it is to a developer."

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