Chromebook Pixel LS review

In today's open source roundup: Read a review of the Chromebook Pixel LS. Plus: Firefox 39 will help protect users from downloads malware. And Debian Jessie 8.1 to be released June 6th

Chromebook Pixel LS review

Chromebooks have proven to be quite popular over the last few years, with various models getting high star ratings and user reviews on Amazon. A Chrome OS redditor bought a Chromebook Pixel LS and posted a very positive review of it.

Le7els shared his thoughts about the Chromebook Pixel LS:

I’ve had my Chromebook Pixel LS for a little over a week now and wanted to share my impressions with everyone.

First of all, you should probably know a little bit about my background with laptops. I have been a PC person all of my life. I have gone through five laptops in the last two years. I do not know how I break them, but I somehow always do. I’ve been interested in getting a chromebook for years, but I never thought the specs or design were suitable to my liking until I saw the new Pixel. I mainly use a laptop for Internet browsing, uploading/downloading video for work, torrenting and gaming.

So let me start off by saying that the Chromebook Pixel LS is the best laptop that I have ever owned. Hands down.


I love the way this thing is built. The metal body really makes it feel like an expensive piece of equipment. Besides an HP Envy 14 that I owned over two years ago, most laptops I have owned were plasticy and ultimately felt cheap. I also love the lights on the back!


In the past I paid more attention to the specs on the inside of laptops than the exterior, but the Pixel has the best looking screen that I have personally ever seen on a laptop. It is gorgeous and the perfect medium for watching videos and for consuming other media. And honestly I don’t even notice that it has a different aspect ratio than most laptops. The touch screen also works just as well as any tablet I have used, however I usually just you the trackpad or external mouse. It’s nice to have either way.

Battery Life

The battery life on this thing is insane. I have gotten over 10 hours from full to empty a few times. I would say the first downside that I will mention is that the Pixel now renders my iPad useless. I can’t think of a situation where I would choose a tablet over it.


There is no particular reason why I got the LS version other than that I like the latest and greatest technologies. I am only using Chrome OS and don’t plan on installing Linux at this point. Internet browsing is stupid fast and although I cannot compare to the normal Pixel, I am happy that I got the fastest version.


64GBs is not a lot of space, but I have a NAS storage device that houses all of my media. While Chrome OS does not directly support my drive, I can access just about everything through Plex. It’s great! I think the SD card slot will come in handy as well for when I do not have access to Internet and want to watch local files without crowding the laptop itself.


I’m still getting used to Chrome OS as this is the first device I have owned with it installed. It has basically everything you need and I was also about to install the custom ARChon Runtime to get some Android apps running on it. I use Pocket Casts, Skype and My Fitness Pal daily.


There are certainly a few downsides to the Chromebook Pixel, but I feel they are pretty minimal when it comes down to it. 1) I cannot torrent from this device. I am a part of several private trackers that require upload/download ratios. These files have to remain stored on the laptop itself or on my NAS drive. Since there are only 64GBs inside the Pixel and my NAS is not compatible with it, I must use an old laptop to continue torrenting. 2) Since I am not installing Linux, I cannot game. I only play one game called DOTA 2, which requires Steam. Steam is not supported on Chrome OS and I worry that the Pixel’s aspect ratio may make it hard to play. 3) I have powered studio monitors that I used to run through a midi controller with sound drivers from Serato. Well it turns out that Serato is not supported by Chrome OS and neither are a ton of other sound drivers. So basically, my studio monitors don’t work anymore. This sucks, but I am still looking for a solution. My headphone amp/DAC work fine.

Conclusion As I stated earlier, this is the best laptop I have ever owned. It looks and feels like the steep price tag I paid for it and runs as fast as any laptop I have owned previously. Unless you do video editing, gaming or torrenting, I do not see why the Chromebook Pixel couldn’t be your main computer. It's mine now. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I hope you liked this review!

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His fellow Chrome OS redditors shared their thoughts about his review:

Matknny: "Great review. Have you tried jstorrent for torrenting?"

Andychaos: "Awesome review, would love to see a video review for maybe a long term review."

Jarec707: "Good review--I had a Pixel 2015 (not LS) and liked it a lot. Since you have a tendency to break your laptops, I suggest you look into an extended warranty on your Pixel. I found that Google doesn't provide hardware support other than remote troubleshooting after the warranty expires, and that there may be trouble getting parts."

39911111: "Does anyone know if there is a discernable performance difference between the regular and LS version, excluding Linux performance?"

Angrybovine1: "I have the normal one and I can't imagine noticing anything faster since it's already so damn quick."

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