Which Chromebook is worth buying?

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Which Chromebook should a new user buy?

Chromebooks have become extremely popular, with numerous models appearing on Amazon's list of bestselling laptops. Customers are so interested in Chromebooks that Amazon has added a helpful Chromebook Buying Guide to steer them toward the model that might be right for them.

But with all of the choices available, it can still be somewhat daunting for a new Chrome OS user to find the right model. A redditor recently asked which model Chromebook he should buy and got some helpful answers.

Thegreatdigitalism asked his question about Chromebook models in the Chrome OS subreddit:

I've been looking into a Chromebook. Because I am heavily invested in the Google ecosystem and because my work recently made the switch to Google for business I think it's pretty safe to get a Chromebook on the side. I once owned a chromebook: the Samsung XE303, but the performance was awful and Chromeos wasn't really that great back then, but Chromeos seems very good right now.

I'll be using it for the following things:

Webbrowsing (Unexpected!)
Office for work and college (Office Online/Google office)
Watching Netflix and 1080p videos on Youtube (without stuttering)
Being very mobile with it

So I've compiled the options below:

Acer Chromebook C720: 11", bad display, decent performance, cheap
Toshiba Chromebook 2: 13", good display, less performance, more expensive
Wait for a better Chromebook to be released.

Which one is the best choice according to you? Should I get one of these or should I just wait until there is a Chromebook with good performance and a good display?

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His fellow redditors shared their thoughts about various models of the Chromebook:

Xiao: "Both are good choices. If there is no rush, you could try waiting newer devices. Apparently, two new chromebooks with backlit keyboards might be released.

Have you looked at the Acer CB13. It has a non-IPS 1080p screen and an Nvidia K1. Or, the Acer C910. It also has a 1080p screen (but its 15inches).

If you are set on one of the two cbs you listed, then you should weigh what is more important to you: display or performance."

Jarec707: "The Acer c910 and Acer 15 (4 gb, IPS models) have a pretty good mix of speed, battery life and decent display. They are quite big, however."

MamaD: "From what I have heard about the Acer C720, either that or the Toshiba CB2 would be a pretty good choice. I have the CB2, and I do a lot of streaming from it to my Chromecast and I never have any problems. It never lags, stops, or anything. The display is amazing. The only time I really run into problems is when I have 5+ tabs open. It is really a great price for what you get, even if it is a little more expensive than the Acer."

Unsurebutwilling: "I'd say you can go ahead and buy the Chromebook 2 - it (supposedly) can do everything you want it to do and looks beautiful. I can't see how you need more power for what you'll be doing with it. Watching Netflix on the C720 is only OK if you are the only person watching, because of its very bad viewing angles.

There are at least two devices rumored to come out with backlit keyboard, but these will most likely be not as cheap as the Chromebook 2 and will hopefully be a little higher spect, since I'm in the market for a mid-high end chromebook that's not straight up $1000."

Deadlywoodlouse: "I often see people mentioning the Dell Chromebook 11 on here as a better built alternative to the C720. From the consistent amount of praise they receive on here, any of the three would be a good choice. As others have said, I'd wait until the others are announced, it won't be too long; and as /u/XiaolinJudaism[1] said, you have to decide whether display or performance is more important."

Fishwithadeagle: "I don't know what your requirements are for screen size, but I would definitely recommend going with some form of an ips display. The chromebook 15 and the toshiba chromebook 2 both have this. I personally have the chromebook 15, and it seems to be one of the best displays that I have used."

Lostdata: "I have had the Toshiba Chromebook 2 for awhile, its display and battery life are great. I don't see a need for the added performance in a Chromebook. I also have linux installed via crouton so I can play with my android phones and some other things like musicbrainz picard. Works great."

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