First look: Windows Server 2016 goes on a cloud diet

Under the familiar skin, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 offers something very different

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Windows Server 2016 is both an evolution of the current Windows Server 2012 R2 release and a revolution in the making. If you plan to use Windows Server 2016 in the same way you’ve used Windows Server all along, you’ll be able to pick it up and work with it with very little learning curve. But if you are ready to abandon the old ways and embrace the new world of cloud servers, containers, and microservices, Windows Server 2016 has something new for you.

That something new would be the Nano Server install option, which uses a refactored Windows Server to deliver a headless, compact (with a footprint currently around 400MB), remotely managed server. With no local log-on at all, Nano Server is the most extreme encapsulation of Microsoft’s philosophy behind redesigning Windows Server for tomorrow’s data centers. Instead of point and click, the focus is on managing Windows Server through scripts and configuration management tools.

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