Ubuntu 15.04 released

In today's open source roundup: Download the final release of Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet). Plus: Are Chromebooks taking over from tablets? And you can now order Intel's Compute Stick

Ubuntu 15.04 released

Canonical has released the final version of Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet). This release offers systemD, Unity 7.3, Compiz 0.9.12, new default wallpaper, Ubuntu Make, and a few other odds and ends. You can download Ubuntu 15.04 right now.

Joey-Elijah Sneddon reports on Ubuntu 15.04's new features for OMG Ubuntu:

Only a modest set of improvements are rolling out with Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. While this means the release can’t rival the heavy change-logs of releases past, the adage ‘don’t fix what isn’t broke’ is clearly one the Vervet plays to.

The bug fixes, improvements in usability and a fresh serving of software updates add up to a somewhat substantive total, creating a release that feels more polished than ever.

Ubuntu 15.04 is yet another solid entry in the distribution’s long release history. A dependable desktop operating system suited for end users but with plenty of convenient extras to woo developers with.

Though the Unity 7 desktop is largely mothballed as work progresses on the new converged experience with Unity 8, the modest refinements received here buff the experience. Unity in Ubuntu 15.04 shines brighter, a glowing example of a desktop that ‘just works’ for users.

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Linux redditors shared their thoughts about Ubuntu 15.04:

Drbenway: "It is madness that Ubuntu do not offer the latest Nvidia driver by default - i.e a package that always has the latest stable version.

The version in 15.04 may be the latest 'now' it won't be in weeks though.

They stick with a version of the Nvidia driver with known bugs and that doesn't support the latest hardware in the name of stability - i.e keep a known buggy version."

Bbai101: "Remembering the days when Ubuntu releases were exciting... now there is nothing to look forward to than newer packages."

Petenu: "I remember those days too. Part of the reason why they were so exciting was that Ubuntu was still missing lots of very important features, and each release gave us a few more of them. Nowadays, I think of Ubuntu as being "done", just like Firefox is. It's not glamorous, but it's usable now."

Ninjaneer: "I'm waiting for Debian Jessie on Saturday."

OatWalker: "It's a shame Debian doesn't package Unity."

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And Christine Hall at FOSS Force speculates on why Ubuntu remains committed to the desktop:

Then there’s the Ubuntu Phone.

If Canonical can get traction with the phone by offering users a much more organic experience than Android and by getting app makers on board by making porting easy, they just may create a market for preinstalled Ubuntu on desktops and laptops that OEMs such as Dell can’t ignore. Remember, Microsoft is losing its grip on the consumer mindset. With a successful launch of Ubuntu Phone, Canonical could go to work convincing users that their mobile experience would be greatly enhanced through integrating with a Ubuntu home computer. And if Dell and HP suddenly find themselves selling massive numbers of Ubuntu desktops, they’d almost certainly be willing to pay for limited tech support for the new owners of their machines.

I suspect that Ubuntu will be keeping the desktop for a while, if not forever. Not because its a “we’ve got this too” offering that distracts from moneymakers like servers and the cloud, but because it’s an important part of those offerings. And if the Ubuntu Phone gets off the ground, I’m betting you’ll start seeing Ubuntu showing up on your neighbors computers, maybe just as often as Windows.

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