iTunes and Linux music managers

In today's open source roundup: Run iTunes in Linux or use iTunes alternatives. Plus: Ten Linux distros worth checking out. And DistroWatch reviews Void Linux

iTunes and Linux

It will probably be a cold day in you-know-where before we ever see a native version of iTunes for Linux. Apple just isn't interested in supporting Linux. But you actually can run iTunes in Linux via WINE, and if that doesn't float your boat then there are some native Linux alternatives to iTunes that are worth considering.

Danny Stieben reports for MakeUseOf:

As you’re getting used to Linux (potentially as your new main operating system), you’ll eventually try to find a way to efficiently manage your music. iTunes comes to mind because it’s been the most popular way to manage music over the years, but you’ll quickly find out that iTunes isn’t available natively on Linux. Plus, better ways exist to manage your music now that it’s 2015.

However, that doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be able to manage your music the way you want to. There’s plenty of other ways to keep tabs on your music library. Here’s six great ways to get it done.

iTunes Via WINE:

Install WINE
Run the iTunes installer via WINE
Google and try to solve any problems you come across.

Linux iTunes alternative music managers:





Google Play Music

More at MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf readers shared their thoughts about iTunes and Linux:

JonGl: "My choice is Google Play–and I’m still on my Mac. I moved all my music over–even protected music, apparently, is accessible. I guess Google knows the album and track name, and just plays something from their own collection. I pay $7 a month and get access to everything on Play, and I have it on all my devices, regardless of OS, etc. I suppose the downside is that I need a data connection, but so far, this has never been a problem. The upside is that my 16gb phone has no music stored on it, which leaves space for other, more important things. Since moving my files to Play Music, I almost never launch iTunes any more. (I have Play Music extensions for Chrome that I use to listen on my Mac.)"

Manuel: "I’m using Tomahawk at the moment and I’m pretty satisfied with it. I find the GUI and features (or lack of them out of the box) more appealing than the other options out there."

Muss60: "I use Clementine as local native app in ubuntu but I have started to use “Amazon Music” more. While you cannot download complete album in one hit on Linux it does let you song by song. Downside will not let you upload if you run Linux os. I use this as most albums on cd purchsed through Amazon have a mp3 copy stored in Amazon Music for free. It also will recognise your locally stored music and make it available through Amazon Music player. I use it on desktop via Ffox and or Chrome and on android via application."

More at MakeUseOf

This video has some helpful instructions on how to install iTunes in Ubuntu via PlayOnLinux:

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