Tails 1.3 released

In today's open source roundup: Download Tails 1.3. Plus: The $89 Ubuntu computer, and why Superfish is even worse than we thought

Tails 1.3 released

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) 1.3 has been released. This version offers a new bitcoin wallet, updates to the Tor browser and numerous other changes.

See a list of changes and new features on the Tails site:

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.3, is out. This release fixes numerous security issues and all users must upgrade as soon as possible.

New features:

Electrum is an easy to use bitcoin wallet. You can use the Bitcoin Client persistence feature to store your Electrum configuration and wallet.

The Tor Browser has additional operating system and data security. This security restricts reads and writes to a limited number of folders. Learn how to manipulate files with the new Tor Browser.

The obfs4 pluggable transport is now available to connect to Tor bridges. Pluggable transports transform the Tor traffic between the client and the bridge to help disguise Tor traffic from censors.

Keyringer lets you manage and share secrets using OpenPGP and Git from the command line.

More at Tails

You can also see a complete list of changes in the Tails 1.3 changelog:


Have tor_bootstrap_progress echo 0 if no matching log line is found. (Closes: #8257)

Always pass arguments through wrappers (connect-socks, totem, wget, whois) with "$@". $* doesn't handle arguments with e.g. embedded spaces correctly. (Closes: #8603, #8830)

Upgrade Linux to 3.16.7-ckt4-3.

More at Git Tails

You can download Tails 1.3 via a direct download or BitTorrent. The download page includes instructions and warnings for first time Tails users.

The $89 Ubuntu computer

The Symple PC is a low-cost desktop workstation designed to run Ubuntu. It's made from recycled plastic and can even dual boot Windows if you want to use that as well as Ubuntu.

Christopher Tozzia reports for The VAR Guy:

Here's a pipe dream for you Linux fans out there: Imagine a PC that comes with Ubuntu preinstalled. It can also dual-boot Windows. It's responsibly manufactured and environmentally friendly. And it costs a mere $89—of which a portion goes to support community open source projects. Good news: It's real, it's called the Symple PC and it's available now.

We've scoured the Symple PC's website and pinged the project's founder, Jason Spisak, to figure out what the catch is. We squarely failed to find one. This is, plain and simple, an ultra-low cost, planet-friendly desktop PC, well-suited to a variety of applications in homes, schools and businesses, that ships with the most recent longterm support (LTS) version of Ubuntu, 14.04—while also meeting the minimum system requirements for running Windows 7, if that floats your boat.

More at The VAR Guy

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