Beware of hot foreign spies who want to steal your data

It’s no exaggeration that sex buys intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data, and any information or network access of value

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“We’re probably looking at a 300-percent increase in cases involving hot foreign spies, sex, and dating in the last year over the previous year,” says T. Casey Fleming, CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation, a management consulting company on security to the Fortune 500.

That 300-percent represents 20-cases in total, accounting for only the smallest fraction of the estimated thousands of cases that go undiscovered each year, says Fleming. “Of the 20 cases we saw in the past year, the three largest represented many billions of dollars in stolen innovation and trade secrets,” says Fleming.

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If you agree it’s high time to clip the high cost of foreign spies, follow CSO under cover and learn the tools and methods these culprits use to bait and hook high-value employees and bleed your organization dry of data. With help from information soldiers who protect corporate assets on the front lines of data theft, you’ll learn offensive techniques to thwart their alluring approaches.

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