How to take advantage of Dropbox for Business APIs

Users love Dropbox, but until recently, it wasn't a great tool for business use. The new APIs added to Dropbox for Business last month changed all that

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Cloud services have become an increasingly important part of modern IT. Yet a broad mix of services can be hard to manage and control, with consumer-grade services existing alongside enterprise tools on user devices. That has led to confusion, with users bringing their favorite consumer services into business workflows -- but not considering how they affect risk.

One tool that has made the leap from consumer utility to business essential is Dropbox, one of the easiest-to-use cloud storage and file-sharing platforms. Until recently, it has been hard to manage for businesses. That all changed in December with the launch of a set of Dropbox for Business APIs. Focusing on user management, the new APIs opened up the platform to anyone who wants to build tools to control and manage users of the service.

Dropbox for Business apps are at heart relatively simple, with Dropbox providing four different sets of permissions that control how you (and your users) can work with its service.

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