Download the desktop version of North Korea Linux 3.0

In today's open source roundup: You can now download version 3.0 of North Korea Linux. Plus: Android-x86 4.4-r2 (KitKat-x86) released, and Flappy Bird comes to Android Wear

North Korea Linux 3.0 available for download

North Korea Linux 3.0 (Red Star OS) got a lot of headlines recently, but the desktop version was not available for download until now. KA Torrents has a torrent download link for the desktop version of North Korea Linux 3.0 and I've got a full screenshot tour up on my blog.

north korea linux 3.0 download Image credit: North Korea Tech

Martyn Williams at North Korea Tech reports on the public release of Red Star 3.0:

The latest version of North Korea’s home-grown desktop operating system, Red Star Linux 3.0, was uploaded to BitTorrent on Monday. We first got a look at the operating system almost a year ago when screenshots were posted online.

A link to a download file was included in a message on Pastebin that was uploaded by someone who goes by the nicknames “slipstream” and “raylee,” that’s the same person who released the server version of Red Star Linux 3.0 earlier this year.

That previous release was a version for computer servers while this latest release is intended for use on conventional PCs.

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Martyn Williams at North Korea Tech also has an install guide for Red Star 3.0:

The operating system is being offered as a 2.6 gigabyte ISO file, which means it will look like a CD or DVD install disc to most modern operating systems. The operating system can be directly installed from the ISO file and requires about 10 gigabytes of disc space.

I installed mine inside a Virtual Machine — a piece of software that allows it to run inside a window as an application on my laptop — but it’s possible to also run it as the main operating system on a computer.

The installation process is relatively easy. I have most of the main screens below and those that aren’t shown can be clicked through.

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north korea linux 3.0 install guide Image credit: North Korea Tech

And here's some additional information from the Pastebin page about North Korea Linux 3.0:

I gave you server, now here's desktop! Welcome, one and all, to best korea's Linux distro, version 3.0. Otherwise known as, "the one to prease the fappletards". Unlike server, this one doesn't need a serial, just mount in your VM and go boot from it :D

To use this, I guess you better praise juche ideals and post sincere comments about how much you love DPRK to /r/pyongyang. But don't ask about The Interview.. I've heard its a touchy subject there... ;)

More at Pastebin

And of course there was a Reddit thread about North Korea Linux 3.0:

DhulKarnain noted that once you go North Korea Linux, you don't go back:

"...once a worker tastes sweet succulent freedom, why would he ever even consider going back to oppressive imperialistic operating systems?"

Bitplant thought that perhaps the North Korea Linux was good for freedom or something like that:

"You may laugh, but I think this is good for freedom. If there is anyone we can trust to try to thoroughly vet software for backdoors and vulnerabilities placed by white imperialists, its the North Koreans. They are doing an incredibly important service for the rest of humanity."

WarlockSyno took a smack at Microsoft on behalf of the Dear Leader:

"Dear Leader makes the best operating system. Much better than those capitalist pigs at Microsoft!"

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Android-x86 4.4-r2 (KitKat-x86) released

A group of developers has been working on an unofficial version of Android for x86 computers. A new version has just been released and is available for download.

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