Google's Chromecast still dominates streaming media

In today's open source roundup: The Chromecast still tops the streaming media sales charts. Plus: What is the Linux community doing wrong? And how to sync your Android device with your Linux desktop

The Chromecast dominates streaming media

Google's Chromecast has been out for more than a year, but it shows no signs of losing its dominance in the streaming media market. It's currently number one on Amazon's electronics bestseller list, beating out other streaming media sticks such as the Roku and Amazon's own Fire TV stick. It's even outselling the Apple TV set top box.

Justin Diaz at Android Headlines explores why the Chromecast is still so popular:

... it wasn’t until the launch of Google’s streaming media HDMI dongle, the Chromecast, that things became truly simple and allowed for the mass majority to put what they want to watch onto their TV’s using their smartphone as the control.

The little dongle is easy to set up too, which is undoubtedly another reason why consumers flock to it in droves. All you have to do is plug it in, and then activate the code that pops up on screen via the provided web address through your browser. Being literally pocket size, it’s also plenty more portable than streaming devices that have more functionality like the Fire TV or the Nexus Player, making it easy to tote around and bring with you pretty much anywhere.

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Jess Bolluyt examines why the Chromecast is more popular than Apple TV:

As consumers look to add streaming capability to their television setup (without buying a brand-new smart TV), they are increasingly purchasing streaming devices. People are opting for streaming sticks or set-top boxes that expand their video options without making an impact on their living room setup or their wallets. But recent data brings bad news for Apple: in 2014, Google’s Chromecast streaming stick became more popular than the Apple TV set-top box

As the market quickly changes, Apple finds itself falling behind. Here are three reasons why.

1. Apple TV’s competition is increasing

2. While Roku learned from Chromecast’s success, Apple hasn’t yet taken the hint

3. Apple TV is in need of an upgrade

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What is the Linux community doing wrong?

The Linux community can often be a rough and tumble place, with many different ideas and agendas competing for developer attention and implementation. A redditor asked what the Linux community was doing wrong, and received some passionate feedback.

Ethreax asks a difficult question of Linux users:

What do you think the Linux community is doing wrong? What would you do instead?

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Gutigen notes that too much forking could be a problem:

Less forking. Not no forking, just less and more contributions to existing projects instead. Obviously that is not possible without hurting the egos of a lot of Linux devs, so it's not going to happen ;)

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