Android users get free access to Hulu for the holidays

In today's open source roundup: Hulu welcomes Android users with free holiday access. Plus: Amazon forced to pull its shopping app from the Google Play store, and the best way to partition a Linux system?

Android users get free access to Hulu for the holidays

free hulu for android users for holidays Google Play Store

Hulu is offering a sweet deal to Android users. You can now access Hulu for free for the holidays, thus saving the $7.99 per month subscription fee.

Bertel King Jr. at Android Police reports on Hulu's freebie for Android users:

Using Hulu on an Android device usually requires a Hulu Plus account, but in the spirit of season, and the company has apparently decided to offer people the ability to stream shows to their devices for free. will probably still have to start paying if you want access to more than just the most recent episodes.

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The Hulu app is available free in the Google Play store.

Google forces Amazon to remove its shopping app

There's never been any love lost between Amazon and Google. Now the two companies have butted heads over Amazon integrating its app store into its shopping app. Google has forced Amazon to remove its app, and Amazon has replaced it with a new app that doesn't have an app store included in it.

Ryan Whitwam at Android Police reports on the Amazon versus Google drama:

Amazon updated its Android app a few weeks back with the ability to install other apps from its Appstore listings. This was part of the Instant Video rollout. Google has rules against distributing app stores in Google Play, so it seemed odd to let Amazon get away with that.

If this wasn't Amazon, Google probably would have just yanked the app, but I would assert that Mountain View made this subtle change specifically to shut Amazon down. There was probably some backroom lawyering over what the language meant, but in the end, Amazon decided to release a separate app in Google Play without the Appstore.

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google forces amazon to remove android app Android Police

Redditors responded in a spirited discussion thread:

"Amazon isn't interested in mending fences. They are interested in making money. If they were interested in mending fences, they would have never developed FireOS (their own spin on android that comes on the Fire devices)."

"Amazon reminds me of Facebook. They desperately want to be something more than what people think of them. Facebook is social media, Amazon is an online store, that's it. Stop trying to be Google."

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