An Android user reviews Apple's iPad Air 2

In today's Android roundup: Find out what an Android user thinks about Apple's iPad Air 2. Plus: Apple releases a fix for the iMessage switching problem, and the Android Wear companion app gets a Material Design update

An Android user reviews Apple's iPad Air 2

An Android user on Reddit recently took the bold step of reviewing the iPad Air 2 on the Apple subreddit. It's always interesting to see what dedicated users of one mobile platform think of the other once they dig in and get a chance to use it in a hands-on way. The reviewer was careful to offer numerous pros and cons about the iPad Air 2.

Intuition17 enjoyed the performance, screen and multitasking gestures on the iPad Air 2, but noticed that some apps crashed and the iPad Air 2 froze at times:

Performance on this tablet is absolutely incredible. Everything feels so damn smooth and responsive. Scrolling anywhere is much smoother than on my previous tablets and I always loved this about my mom's iPad and iPhone. After jailbreaking and installing the NoSlowAnimations tweak and turning off the animations completely, I don't think there is anything else on the market as far as tablets or phones that can keep up with this device. Things load IMMEDIATELY or go to the splash screen immediately. This thing is a speed demon. The one thing I would like is that while scrolling IS very smooth, I like the way Android lets you swipe the screen up or down and scroll up or down very quickly. Tapping the notification bar on iOS to go to the top is nice (also possible via xposed on Android, but it works better natively on iOS), but I would like a way to scroll downwards quickly as well.

This thing seems to freeze very often. On my second day with the tablet while opening safari the entire unit froze and holding the power button did nothing, after a few minutes it rebooted fine. This happened again the following day opening a different application another day and the icon changed colors as though I had clicked it but then the app did not open. All button and screen inputs caused no response and I was able to reset it by holding the power button and home button at the same time instead of waiting for it to reset on its own. This has since happened roughly once every other day. at home that I built, I use Windows and Ubuntu at work, and I have used OSX quite a bit on macbooks.

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Apple releases fix for iMessage switching problem

Speaking of Apple, iOS users who switch to Android can now fix the problem that has stopped some users from getting text messages after they make the jump to Android.

Android Authority reports on Apple's iMessage fix:

The problem, which first began to affect users in 2011, prevents texts sent to some former iOS users from reaching their recipients. The issue happens when a user does not de-register their phone number from Apple’s iMessage before moving their SIM card to an Android or other non-iOS device. When an iMessage user sends a message to the number, the message is routed through iMessage instead of SMS, effectively remaining stuck on a service that the recipient can’t access any more.

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