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In today's Android roundup: Microsoft launches Office preview for Android tablets. Plus: Android apps that drain your battery, slow performance and eat up storage. And a man busted for pirating Android apps pleads guilty

Microsoft Office for Android has been a long time coming, and now the company has finally launched its preview for Android tablets. You can sign up to test Microsoft Office for Android tablets as long as you have an Android tablet between seven and ten inches that runs KitKat. Microsoft says that it is not currently looking for Android tablets that run Android 5.0 Lollipop.

According to Microsoft:

Thank you for your interest in the Office for Android tablet preview. Please complete the required fields below and we will be in touch soon to let you know if you have been accepted into the preview.

To be eligible for the preview you have to be using an Android tablet running Kitkat and your device screen size has to be within 7"-10.1". Please note that, for the preview, we are not seeking Android tablets running Lollipop. You will need to avoid any system updates to the OS on your device to continue to participate.

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It's great that Microsoft is moving ahead with its plans to offer Office on Android tablets. I know that there are probably a fair amount of Android users who don't like Microsoft as a company. But it can only help Android as a platform to have Office available on tablets and phones.

You can read the official Office preview announcement from Microsoft, and also check out the Reddit reaction thread to see what Android users are saying about it.

Android apps that drain your battery, slow performance and eat up storage

CNet has a useful article that lists apps that use up storage, slow down the performance of your Android device, and that eat up its battery life.

According to CNet:

It may seem to consume every spare moment of our lives, but the world's most famous social networking app is chewing up our mobiles too, with Facebook topping a global list of the most performance-draining Android apps, which considered battery drain, storage consumption and data use.

But it's not just Facebook draining our mobile power -- a raft of other social apps, games and even bloatware are consuming more processing power, battery life and data than many of us realise.

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Hat tip: Reddit
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