Apple Pay fuels the growth of Google Wallet

In today's Android roundup: Apple Pay has put NFC on the map, and it's benefiting Google Wallet too. Plus: Google Maps gets Material Design update, and Android's amazing market share visualized

Apple Pay has gotten an amazing amount of press lately, and its drawn the attention of consumers to the benefits of NFC based payments. This has resulted in Google Wallet being used more than it had been previously. Ars Technica reports on the effects that Apple Pay may be having on Google Wallet.

According to Ars Technica:

NFC-based mobile payments have had a boost in recent months, possibly thanks to the launch of Apple Pay, which was announced in September. Now, a person with knowledge of the matter tells Ars that Google Wallet, which launched back in 2011 and saw tepid success in the ensuing three years, has had considerable growth in the last couple of months.

According to our source, weekly transactions have increased by 50 percent, and in the recent couple of months, new users have nearly doubled compared to the previous month.

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google wallet benefits from apple pay Ars Technica

Kudos to Apple for finally making NFC-based payments a reality in the minds of consumers. Love them or hate them, when Apple does something it usually gets the attention of their loyal customers in a big way. And it's wonderful to see it benefiting Google Wallet in this way.

Of course there have been some dumb retailers who are resisting both Apple Pay and Google Wallet in favor of their own payment systems. But my guess is that they will back off very quickly indeed on that as more and more consumers demand to use their preferred payment system. No retailer wants to lose sales, and so it will be customers that get what they want in the end.

Hopefully more and more retailers will begin accepting Google Wallet and Apple Pay. I know that some Android users loathe Apple, but it's only fair to give the company the credit it deserves for pushing NFC-based payment systems into the mainstream. In the end all of us - Android and iOS users alike - benefit from Apple's efforts.

Google Maps gets Material Design update

Android Central reports that Google Maps has gotten a Material Design update, and it has had some new services added to it.

According to Android Central:

Overall things generally work the same way, but you'll find many more instances of swaths of color. It's very much a Material Design look for Maps, and it works well, though there's plenty of empty space to it.

Google Maps is getting new services integrated with the latest update, however. You'll find Open Table for making restaurant reservations and Uber for calling for a private car to get you from A to B...

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google maps updated for material design Google

You can download Maps from the Google Play store or grab the APK file right now to check it out. And be sure to read the official announcement from Google about all the changes to Maps.

Android's amazing market share visualized

Linux Netbook has a stunning visualization of Android's market share.

According to Linux Netbook:

After Google's Android started shipping in the last quarter of 2008 it took a good 2 years for the Linux kernel based OS to become market leader in the 1st quarter of 2011. Since then Android has seen the largest growth by far and reached a market share of 77.83% in the last quarter of 2013.

More at Linux Netbook

android market share Linux Netbook

There's also another image at the page on the Linux Netbook site, and it's quite interesting to see how far Android has advanced since its initial launch. It has truly been a rocket ride in terms of market share, and nothing else has remotely come close to it.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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