Android market share may have hit its peak

In today's Android roundup: Android may have hit its maximum market share. Plus: Five Android 5.0 Lollipop apps that use Material Design, and the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare companion app released for Android

Android has been growing by leaps and bounds the last few years but, as with all things in life, there is a limit to how much it can grow. The latest data indicates that Android has about 84% of the mobile market, and it seems that Google's mobile operating system may have reach the end of its growth potential.

GSM Arena reports on Android's amazing growth in the mobile market

According to GSM Arena:

According to data from Strategy Analytics quoted by the WSJ, Android has reached its peak market share at 85% as seen in Q2 2013. In Q3 2014, Android's presence has declined by 1 percent point and is now 84%.

Samsung is still the largest Android smartphone manufacturer, but its market share is dwindling. The South Korean company's market share for Q3 2014 is 25%, down from 35% last year. Xiaomi is the main culprit for Samsung's market share fall as it manages to sell its phones closer to what they actually cost and makes money primarily on accessories.

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The real news here is Samsung's fall from the top of the heap. Wow! A ten percent decline in market share in one year? Ouch, that's gotta hurt. And, given the popularity of Apple's new phablet, I suspect that Samsung's woes have only begun. It's getting squeezed at the top of the market by Apple, and at the bottom by clone phone manufacturer Xiaomi.

As far as Android itself goes, it has had an absolutely amazing run. Who could have predicted it would grow to have such an overwhelming amount of market share? Even if it declines from where it is now, it's still an amazing feat on Google's part.

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Five Android 5.0 Lollipop apps that use Material Design has a list of five apps that have been redesigned for Android 5.0 Lollipop.

According to

Android is about to complete its metamorphosis into an operating system with not just cohesive design, but stunning good looks. Android 5.0 Lollipop looks great, but that says nothing of the apps. It’s up to developers to get their apps updated using the new material design guidelines with bolder colors, layered UI elements, and floating action buttons. It’ll probably take a while for everyone to get on-board, but some developers have already done the work to create beautiful materialized apps. Here are five of the best.

Talon Plus


Sliding Explorer

Battery Widget Reborn

Today Calendar

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