Google's surprise Nexus 6 preorders anger some Android users

In today's Android roundup: Google is in deep doo-doo with some Android users over Nexus 6 preorders. Plus: The performance of Intel-based Android tablets, and Star Wars: Galactic Defense comes to Android

The Nexus 6 is Google's biggest phone, and judging by the initial reaction from Android users, it may end up being its best-selling phone ever. Creating the Nexus 6 was a bold move by Google and it has resulted in pandemonium as Google's initial supplies of the phone were quickly depleted by enthusiastic buyers. However, Google gave no warning about Nexus 6 preorders and that has angered some Android users who tried to buy it.

A writer at Gotta Be Mobile vented his anger at Google, and he pulled no punches in his assessment of the Nexus 6 preorder disaster.

According to Gotta Be Mobile:

Without any warning, Google put the Nexus 6 up for sale on the Google Play Store. According to many consumers, the device was in and out of stock on the Google Play Store for about five minutes before it sold out completely. The Nexus 6 remains sold out on the Google Play Store though it appears that some buyers were able to place orders with Google, orders that shed some light on what to expect from the Nexus 6 release date.

There are terrible smartphone pre-orders and then there’s Nexus 6 pre-orders. If this isn’t the worst smartphone pre-order of all time, it’s got to be pretty darn close.

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Ouch! Talk about rubbing potential customers the wrong way! Google really seems to have stepped in the you-know-what with this move. The Gotta Be Mobile writer has indicated that he's moving on from buying Nexus products, and I doubt he'll be the only one. The Nexus 6 preorder fiasco has clearly angered many who didn't even know they could preorder, and then weren't able to buy one when they found out about it.

What a shame that this preorder mess had to happen with the Nexus 6. Most of the buzz about it seems quite positive, but that will probably dissipate a bit in the light of what happened with the preorders. I just hope that Google can produce enough Nexus 6 phones as quickly as possible to soothe the ruffled feathers of those who weren't able to preorder one.

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And here's a video of the Nexus 6 in action:

Intel-based Android tablets

Forbes looks at two low-cost Android tablets that use Intel processors.

According to Forbes:

I took a deep-dive look at Android on Intel X 86 performance on two low cost tablets from Dell and Acer . The new for 2014 Dell Venue 8 and Acer Iconia Tab 8 are just two examples of budget-minded 8-inch Android tablets that are power by Intel’s Bay Trail Atom and Merrifield Atom SoC (System On Chip) architecture.

...what became abundantly clear in our extensive testing of these Android Kit Kat tablets powered by Intel’s Atom, is that they were every bit as competitive as many similar cost ARM-based tablets on the market and even kept pace with a few premium slates like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S line, for example. In reality, though frankly we half-expected some incompatibility issues or sub-par performance in spots, using one of these low cost Intel Atom tablets is pretty much like using any other mid-range Android slate on the market currently. They just worked and got most of what we wanted done without a hiccup and solid battery life to boot.

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