Why Android users should be thrilled about Apple Pay

In today's Android roundup: Apple Pay might get Android users more purchasing privacy. Plus: How to switch from iOS to Android, and Google updates Google Play Music

Apple Pay is Apple's new mobile payments system. Based on NFC technology, Apple Pay makes purchases very convenient for mobile device users by utilizing the iPhone 6's fingerprint ID for security and verification purposes. PC World considers how Apple Pay could affect Android users.

According to PC World:

Google uses a more basic system that substitutes a card number for a virtual MasterCard that is used for the transaction. It’s not as secure as the token-based system used by Apple, and Anderson said he expects Google to adopt the newer tokenization technology.

There’s also a fairly big privacy gap between Apple and Google. Apple doesn’t see all of the transactions being made with Apple Pay, but Google does see what its Google Wallet users are buying and where those transactions are taking place. So success for Apple Pay could push Google to give its users a bit more privacy.

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Mind of the Geek: Android users should be happy about Apple Pay

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Hats off to Apple if their new payment system encourages Google to give Android users more privacy when buying something. And it will also be great if Apple Pay spurs the use of NFC technology in more stores and businesses.

Apple has more information about Apple Pay on its site. So far it looks like it's off to a good start, and I hope Google takes the best of it and adds it to Android.

How to switch from iOS to Android

In case you are currently an iOS user or you know one, Google has a helpful guide on how to switch from iOS to Android.

According to Android.com:

Google+ Photos is a great way to have all your pics - past and future - in one place, with unlimited private storage* and accessible from any internet connected device. There are always lots more choices on Google Play to find the photo app that works perfectly for you.

Easily transfer up to 20,000 of your songs from your iTunes library to Google Play Music for free. From there, you can access your collection on any web browser, any of your Android devices, or even from your iPhone or iPad.

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