Yes, you can run Windows 95 on Android Wear devices

In today's Android roundup: The horror of Windows 95 running on Android Wear. Plus: Is AirDroid the best desktop manager for Android? And the first leaked image of the HTC Nexus 9

Have you been missing 1995 lately? Well if you have you can take a trip back to the dark days when Microsoft ruled desktop computing with its Windows 95 operating system. But this time you can run Windows 95 right on your Android Wear device. Yes, you can now take Windows 95 with you wherever you go.

According to Phandroid:

...some brilliant fool has loaded up a full version of Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear Live. We know. The first question you’re probably asking is, “Why?” Well, folks. Because Android — that’s why.

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Of all the things I thought Android Wear would be used for, I would never have guessed Windows 95. It's almost eerie to see it running on that Samsung device. Can you imagine what life would be like if Microsoft had managed to rule mobile devices the way they once did the desktop? I shudder to even think about living in a world like that, ugh.

Still, I give credit to Corbin Davenport for making us consider such a frightening possibility. He might have a bright future in making horror movies if he ever gets bored with technology and wants a change in careers. Just kidding, Corbin. Nice job on the Windows 95 thing.

AirDroid: The best desktop manager for Android?

Lifehacker thinks that AirDroid might be the best desktop manager for Android.

According to Lifehacker:

With AirDroid, you can send text messages from your computer, manage your contacts, apps and media, and paste links or clipboard items to your phone from your PC. It runs off a web browser, which makes it completely platform agnostic.

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AirDroid desktop manager for Android
Image credit: Lifehacker

You can download the AirDroid app from the Google Play store, and here's a list of features:

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