How an iOS developer transitioned to Android

In today's Android roundup: An experienced iOS developer learns Android. Plus: Google+ 4.6 released, and a roundup of useful Android Wear apps

iOS has long been a popular platform for some developers. But what happens when a longtime iOS developer decides to try his hand at programming for Android? Tom Redman shares how he learned to appreciate Android, and notes some of the differences between Android and iOS development.

According to Tom Redman:

Overall, my transition to Android went very smoothly. There was some learning curve specific to the platform — like don’t nest LinearLayouts — but I ended up being able to dive in and get things done on day one based on my knowledge of mobile development in general.

I realized that after developing for a single mobile platform, there is in fact so much more to that knowledge than framework APIs and specific programming languages. The vast majority of what I knew about one platform translated — often directly — over to the other. It was just a matter of learning the details.

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iOS developer learns to program for Android
Image credit: Tom Redman

I'm not a developer but I was fascinated by Tom's experience, and I think his story will resonate with other developers that want to work both sides of the mobile street. I hope his transition to Android encourages other iOS app developers to do something similar.

If you want to try your hand at Android development, be sure to check out Google's Getting Started guide for Android developers. There's also an Android developer community on Reddit that you might want to join for feedback and ideas, and Wikipedia has a good overview article on Android software development. Finally, there are a lot of useful Android development books on Amazon for aspiring programmers.

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