TiVo Android app now supports streaming

In today's Android roundup: Stream your favorite shows on Android with TiVo. Plus: A guide to Android for beginners, and hands on with Nokia's offline maps for Android

TiVo has finally updated its Android app to allow streaming of recorded shows and movies. You can also access additional content via Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon's Instant Video service. The TiVo blog recently announced the updated app.

According to TiVo Blog:

Calling all Android users – the wait is finally over! The Android streaming app is now available. With this update, users can stream most recorded and live shows directly to their Android mobile device to enjoy in or out of the home.*

An all-in-one solution, the TiVo Android app enables users to discover and interact with recorded and live television from over-the-air antenna broadcasts or cable TV, as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.** Video on Demand is also available in certain markets.

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TiVo Android app

You can download the TiVo Android app free from the Google Play store right now. Here's a list of features in this update:

- Stream live TV and recordings over WiFi or your cellular network for on-the-go viewing - Browse the channel guide without interrupting the show you’re watchin - View shows up to 14 days in advance - Schedule TV show/movie recordings and ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings - Browse your recorded shows list and play a show from the App - Find exactly what you want to watch - Search across TV, Netflix, & Amazon Instant Video—and see integrated results On Demand to find what you are looking for - Explore cast and crew while watching a show - Comment about what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter - Use a TiVo remote control replica or our intuitive, gesture-based remote control - Manage your ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings and your To-Do List - Delete and re-prioritize recordings for your favorite shows - Instantly schedule, search and browse for shows while you’re away from home

A guide to Android for beginners

Android Pit has a helpful page for those who aren't familiar with what Android has to offer.

According to Android Pit:

There are Android phones, Android tablets and Android smartwatches, and you’ll even find Android inside some cars and TV set-top boxes. But what is Android, and what can you do with it? Read on to become an instant expert on Android.

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