Android L might launch November 1

In today's Android roundup: Google could release Android L on November 1st. Plus: A guide on how to switch from iOS to Android, and how to repair a bent iPhone 6 Plus

Android L is Google's next big update to its mobile operating system. Much has been said in the media about Android L, and many users have been looking forward to it. Android Authority reports that Google might release Android L on November 1st.

According to Android Authority:

While Android L and new Nexus hardware will be shown off in mid-October, the final version of Android L won’t officially be available until November 1st, according to our sources.

Even though we are rather confident of the validity of the information disclosed above, dates can change and even the most reliable intel can sometimes prove false — so speculation is still advised.

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Android L release date

Hopefully Android Authority will be proven right and there won't be any delay in the release of Android L. If you aren't familiar with Android L, here's a list of links that will cover all of the new features and changes you can expect when it's finally available.

Wikipedia: Android L

Google: Android L Developer Preview

TechRadar: Android L release date, news and features

Tech Times: Data encryption will be default in Android L to keep out snoopers

How to switch from iOS to Android

ZDNet has an article that has thirteen tips on how to switch from iOS to Android.

According to ZDNet:

iPhone die-hards may find flipping to Android a ghastly proposition, but for the less committed — likely with older iPhones — cheaper and larger Android phones with 4G are a tempting option. Here are 13 tips to help make the move.

1. Should you go for another flagship?

2. Should you opt for a lower-price device?

3. Software updates and availability

4. Speed of updates

5. Where’s find my phone?

6. Settings

7. How to deal with Settings, and Google Settings

8. Moving your contacts

9. Hello Hangouts, hanging up on iMessage

10. What’s an apps tray, why the backward arrow?

11. Home screen versus apps tray

12. Widgets

13. Google Drive

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