Will the iPhone 6 drive some manufacturers out of the Android market?

In today's Android roundup: The iPhone 6 may be the final nail in the coffin of some Android manufacturers. Plus: How to run Android apps in Ubuntu, and a review of Sony's Xperia Z3 phone

The iPhone 6 has hit the smartphone marketplace like a sonic boom! Lines of customers at Apple stores were long for today's official release, and supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus phablet seemed to be in short supply. But what effect will all of this iPhone 6 mania have on Android manufacturers? The Register thinks that some companies that make Android phones will be driven out of marketplace by the iPhone 6.

According to The Register:

The problem, in a nutshell, is this. Why should you continue to make something at all if you lose money doing so? The answer some big names will shortly come to is: "Sorry, we can't - we're bailing out." Because it's all about margins.

What Google might have to do is the unthinkable - and give something back. Today it resembles a parasite that's so successful it's killing its host. In its own digitial homeland, Google doesn't appear to feel under any pressure to give something back to the content producers and others it ruthlessly deals with today. But physical hardware - a world Google isn't comfortable in - is different. If nobody can make money making Android data collection hardware, it doesn't get made.

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iPhone 6 could drive manufacturers out of the Android marketplace
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Well, this wasn't exactly the most upbeat article that I've read about Android lately. But it does raise some good points about the future of some Android manufacturers, and also Google's possible role in that future.

I'm not holding my breath for Google to run to the rescue of other Android manufacturers, I suspect they would be quite happy to have less fragmentation and more control over Android as a whole. And if that means having less companies making Android devices then so be it.

Consolidation seems to happen in every industry at one point or another. But I think it will be a bad thing for Android users if their choices become limited to phones from Samsung and just a few other manufacturers. After all, Android has always been about choice and that is what has made it so different from Apple's iPhone.

It's really too early now to know exactly what impact the iPhone 6 will have on Android manufacturers. But I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't become an overly negative one as portrayed in the article. Let's hope The Register is dead wrong in their analysis.

How to run Android apps on Ubuntu

OMG! Ubuntu has a guide on how to run Android apps on Ubuntu.

According to OMG! Ubuntu:

Google recently announced the first set of Android apps available to run natively on Chrome OS, a feat made possible using a new ‘Android Runtime’ extension. Now, a developer has figured out a way to bring Android Apps to Chrome on the desktop.

The guide that follows is provided as-is, and without any guarantees of success. It should be considered highly experimental, buggy, unstable – possibly even flat out evil. Try it out of curiosity rather than heightened expectation and you should be fine.

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How to run Android apps in Ubuntu
Image credit: OMG! Ubuntu
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