Why Android users shouldn't buy the iPhone 6

In today's Android roundup: Why Android users should steer clear of the iPhone 6. Plus: What you can do with your old Android device, and Amazon updates its Android-based Kindle ereaders and tablets

Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been burning up the preorder sales charts since they became available. But just because Apple is selling a lot of iPhone 6 devices doesn't mean that Android users should jump on the iTrain, and dump their Android phones. Business Week explains why Android users should steer clear of Apple's iPhone 6.

According to Business Week:

But what if you already have an Android? Cook has boasted that the new iPhones will inspire tons of converts, but much of what’s new for Apple (AAPL) is old hat for Android. Both systems offer phones with big screens and powerful cameras. Software innovations available for one type of phone are quickly adopted by the other. Price is essentially not an issue. Neither, necessarily, is design.

In the end, there are two kinds of Android users who will end up buying the new iPhones: those who have always wanted one but couldn’t live without a bigger screen, and anyone who really wants the Apple Watch—although those people probably have iPhones already.

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Why Android users shouldn't buy the iPhone 6
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I've been seeing a fair number of articles touting the "switchability factor" of the iPhone 6 in the media, and I'm getting rather tired of it. It's great that Apple has two new models of iPhones, but so what? Some people will never want to live inside of Apple's walled garden, regardless of how cool the hardware might be at a particular time.

And I have also noticed that nobody is talking about iPhone users switching to Android. Yes...gasp!...it does happen and it will continue to happen regularly. iOS is a fine mobile operating system, but it does not make everybody happy and there are plenty of folks that gave it a shot and then switched to an Android phone instead.

So if you want an iPhone 6 then by all means buy one, and enjoy it as much as possible. But let's get real about the whole switching thing, it works in both directions and I really wish some of the folks in the media would note that in their articles once in a while.

What you can do with your old Android device

On the other hand, if you do decide to switch to the iPhone 6 or if you buy a new Android phone, the Android subreddit has a helpful thread with suggestions on what to do with older Android devices.

According to Reddit:

What do you use your old Android phone for? Share your setup or learn from others. Be as specific as possible, and help others when they need it!

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I liked the guy who decided to use his Galaxy Nexus as a bathroom gaming console! Ha, now there's a way to kill time while sitting on the throne. I just hope he washes his hands and the Nexus' screen on a regular basis.

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