Motorola Moto X reviews roundup

In today's Android roundup: Read reviews of Motorola's new Moto X phone. Plus: Goat Simulator chews its way onto Android, and Android Wear redditors discuss the Apple Watch

The new Moto X phone from Motorola has gotten a lot of attention lately, and now the reviews have started to roll in from many tech sites. But not all reviews are the same, and many folks have waited to see what AnandTech has to say about the Moto X. Their patience has been rewarded because AnandTech has published a very deep review of Motorola's new phone.

Note that I've also included a selection of other reviews below from around the web for some additional perspective on the Moto X.

According to AnandTech:

Fundamentally, the new Moto X doesn’t change the market. It simply isn’t the best Android phone on the market. Regrettably, there are too many issues to make this a clearly superior smartphone. The poor camera, battery life, and display when compared to the competition are three issues that need improvement to be competitive.

At best, the new Moto X is equal to its peers. For those that strongly value the concerns I’ve talked about will likely find the new Moto X to fall short of its peers. However, those that strongly value software, design, and software support may find the new Moto X to be right for them.

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Moto X reviews roundup
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AnandTech usually has very in-depth reviews, and this one is no disappointment in that regard. But it's always a good idea to get different points of view on a product, so here's a list of other Moto X reviews that you might want to check out:


There are a lot of things to like about the new Moto X: it's quick, beautifully constructed, and comes with a near-stock version of Android. Even better, the phone is competitively priced, starting at $100 USD on-contract, and if you want to make the handset as unique as you are, there are tons of design options available through the company's Moto Maker service. And although it does have a few features that aren't quite as good as its competitors, particularly in terms of its camera, its pros are plentiful enough to dismiss some of the cons.


Motorola has addressed nearly every criticism for its 2014 flagship. The new Moto X is perhaps the best feeling Android handset in the hand - it's certainly the most customizable - and it has a fantastic display, excellent performance, and a restrained selection of software enhancements that actually manage to improve your day to day time with the phone. Only the average camera performance blots an otherwise stellar report card.


Moto X gives fans of a pure Android interface a reason to upgrade thanks to a brilliant 1080p display and premium design. Its battery life didn't see a similar boost and the leather back, while nice, is susceptible to wear. But Motorola continues to gives its flagship phone for 2014 meaningful specs bump and Moto Maker is just the cherry on top.


This phone is what you expect a flagship phone to be. It’s exquisitely engineered. It’s got the latest hardware, tuned to offer blazing performance. It’s endlessly customizable. And best of all, it offers smart, targeted software features that build neatly on top of Android without upending the whole Android user experience.

Goat Simulator chews its way onto Android

Android Police reports that Goat Simulator is now available for Android.

According to Android Police:

There are simulation games that strive for perfect duplication of their source material, whose developers will accept nothing less than factual and technical excellence. This is not one of those games. Say hello to Goat Simulator, part physics sandbox, part tongue-in-cheek gaming commentary, and all completely balls-out insane. You are a goat, and you do goaty things, which mostly involves flinging your thick and smelly body around a 3D environment and seeing what happens.

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Goat Simulator for Android
Image credit: Android Police
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