Analysts predict that Android Wear will beat the Apple Watch

In today's Android roundup: Some analysts think that Android Wear will beat the Apple Watch. Plus: Samsung mocks Apple's iPhone 6 and streaming problems, and iPhone 6 users finally make it to 2012

The Apple Watch was just announced earlier this week and it seems a new rivalry has already been born between Apple and Google. Which wearable platform will dominate? The Telegraph reports that some analysts think that Android Wear will quickly overpower the Apple Watch to take the lead.

According to The Telegraph:

Android Wear is rapidly establishing itself as the de facto software platform for smartwatches, and will go on to dominate Apple's recently announced Apple Watch, analysts predict.

Although the impending launch of Apple's smartwatch rather overshadowed the IFA 2014 technology show last week, analysts at CCS Insight said that momentum for Android Wear continues to grow.

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Android Wear will beat the Apple Watch
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While I certainly hope that Android Wear devices do well in the marketplace, I have learned over the years to put little faith in the predictions of analysts. Never have so few gotten so much so wrong so many times over the years.

That said, I think the really interesting nugget in this article was about Samsung using Tizen OS for its Samsung Gear S:

In fact, the only major announcement of a smartwatch not running Android Wear was the Samsung Gear S, which uses the Tizen operating system.

CCS Insight said that, while using Tizen gives Samsung more flexibility in regards to the features it can include, Samsung's future in smartwatches will largely be aligned to Android Wear devices rather than the Tizen OS.

"It should be noted that Samsung has successfully encouraged the development of about 1000 applications for its Tizen-powered Gear smartwatches," said CCS Insight in its report.

Is Samsung kidding with this? Tizen OS isn't going anywhere compared to Android Wear. One thousand applications will be a tiny drop in the Android Wear bucket once developers get going. I really don't know why Samsung wastes its time and money with Tizen OS in the first place.

Is there anybody out there who would truly prefer a Tizen OS device to one that runs Android Wear? Maybe I'm being overly negative about Tizen OS, but I wouldn't bother with a device that ran it if you gave it to me for free.

I think Samsung needs to wake up and face the unpleasant reality (for them) that Android Wear is where the smartwatch action is going to be in the days ahead.

Samsung mocks Apple's iPhone 6 and streaming problems

Speaking of Samsung, Android Headlines reports that Samsung is having a little fun tweaking Apple about the iPhone 6 and the streaming problems at Apple's event on Tuesday.

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