Linux toilet tweets each time you flush

In today's open source roundup: A Linux toilet tweets when you flush. Plus: Thirty things to do after you install Ubuntu, and the Microsoft blue screen of death smartwatch

Linux is everywhere these days, including in toilets. Yes, an unemployed but very creative man named Thomas Rucker has created a Linux-based toilet that sends tweets each time it is flushed. The tweets track water use and may be a harbinger of things to come as more everyday objects become connected to the Internet, reports Computerworld.

According to Computerworld:

Take Thomas Ruecker's project. With parts from an electric motor, a few household items, an open-source hardware board running Linux, and some coding, he built a connected toilet that Tweets with each flush.

... the idea behind this and what it illustrates is serious. It tracks water usage, offers a warning about the future of privacy in the era of the Internet of Things, and just might say something about the modern job hunt.

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Linux toilet sends tweets each time you flush
Image credit: Computerworld

Wow! Just when I thought I'd seen it all, here comes a Linux-based toilet! And it seems to have a very viable use too since tracking flushes could be considered important by some folks who want to limit water use.

And I can also understand the privacy issues that arise from something like this. I'm not really sure I'd want my own toilet usage to be tracked by anybody, even in jest. The bathroom is one of those places that is best left completely private.

I tip my hat to the guy who created it, it's definitely an original idea. You can actually see the toilet tweets on his Twitter page. He's getting a lot of attention and his story even made the front page of Slashdot.

While Thomas Rucker is currently unemployed, I don't see that lasting too long given his ingenuity. If you're interested in hiring him, check out his profile on LinkedIn. Good luck with the job search, Thomas, and thanks for the tweeting Linux toilet.

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