Android Wear versus the Apple Watch: Battle of the wearable behemoths

In today's Android roundup: Who wins in a head to head fight between Google's Android Wear and Apple's Watch? Plus: Comedy Central releases an app for Android, and make free voice calls from Google Hangouts

The release of the Apple Watch has sent the technology world into a tizzy as users and developers try to get a handle on what it can and can't do. But how does the Apple Watch stack up in a head to head battle with Android Wear? The Verge compares the two wearable behemoths and finds that there are pluses and minuses to both platforms.

According to The Verge:

What we're seeing so far is that you're in good shape no matter what side of the fence you fall on. All of these watches take care of the basics in much the same way — and they'll likely do a whole lot more down the road too.

That said, the Apple Watch definitely stands out right now thanks to how ambitious it is. It wants to do far more than show you notifications, and that's really all that Android Wear is built for. If Apple can get a lot of developers on board, the Apple Watch will begin to look even more compelling by the time it's released. Apple has certainly put together a lot of the right ingredients, but there's still a lot riding on how it's put them all together.

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Apple Watch versus Android Wear
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I think the Verge did a good job with this comparison since it covers many of the features and concerns that most users will want to know about before buying either product. Such things as the time, notifications, quick information, health and fitness, apps, style and battery life are all included in the article.

I also agree with their assessment that Apple is being very ambitious indeed with their watch, but that's not a bad thing for Android Wear users at all. I noted yesterday that this will serve Android users very well because it will force Google and Android Wear manufacturers to step up their game and match all of Apple's efforts.

It's still early days when it comes to smartwatches, but I'm finally starting to become interested in getting one after checking out so many neat Android Wear devices as well as the Apple Watch. I think the best things are yet to come for both smartwatch platforms.

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