Will Android users switch to the iPhone 6?

In today's Android roundup: Will Android users jump ship to Apple's iPhone 6? Plus: Android Wear versus the Apple Watch, and Amazon Prime Instant video available on Android

Apple had a big event today and announced two new iPhones (the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus) as well as the Apple Watch. What effect will these new, larger screen iPhone have on Android's customers? A new study thinks that millions of Android users could switch to the iPhone 6.

According to BGR:

A new study from research company Survata looked at whether current iPhone and Android users are likely to switch to the iPhone 6 once it launches in the coming weeks, with CNET reporting the study reveals that “only” 5% of Android users are “very likely” to switch to Apple’s upcoming iPhone. However, what seems like a small percentage could actually be a huge deal for both Apple and Google.

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Will Android users switch to Apple's iPhone 6?

I watched today's Apple event, and I was impressed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both models look like great phones. However, I am not inclined to worry about them poaching "millions of Android users." I suspect that that number is more than a little bit of hyper-inflated media drama geared toward getting Android users to click on articles.

I have no doubt that the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be quite popular, and Apple will sell millions and millions of them. So what? Nothing I saw today convinced me that Android users will gleefully abandon their phones for the iPhone 6.

No doubt there will be some switchers here and there, but there are always people switching back and forth between iOS and Android. Some of my friends have done this a number of times. Each platform has different things to offer people, and some will hop over to the other side whenever it suits them.

There's plenty of room in the mobile marketplace for Android and iOS. So the iPhone 6 will get its share of sales and users, but it's not an Android-killer no matter how much media sites keep trying to make it one.

The Apple Watch versus Android Wear

Pocket-lint thinks that the announcement of the Apple Watch is game over for Android Wear.

According to Pocket-lint:

Apple has finally unveiled its long-rumoured smartwatch and has dropped the "i" before its much-touted name. The Apple Watch (not iWatch) has been launched during the company's iPhone 6 press launch in Cupertino and it looks as if it could redefine the category.

Not only is it a watch, Apple claims that it is a "comprehensive health and fitness device". It also adopts a "breakthough user interface", not just an iOS 7 or 8 looking design.

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Apple Watch versus Android Wear
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