How Zorin OS got a distrohopper to stop hopping

In today's open source roundup: Zorin OS made a distrohopper finally stop hopping. Plus: The Linux foundation promotes Automotive Grade Linux, and Codestarters converts Chromebooks into Ubuntu development computers for kids

Distrohoppers are renown for constantly changing Linux distributions over and over again. But, sooner or later, some distrohoppers stop hopping and settle down with one Linux distribution. A guest columnist at DarkDuck shares his experiences with Zorin OS and how it got him to stop switching Linux distributions.

According to DarkDuck:

My goal was to try to find the system that most resembled the look and feel of the Windows systems I was used to because of familiarity and ease of use.

I used Zorin 7 till Zorin 8 came out and now I'm onto Zorin 9 my first LTS Zorin distro...I have seen how the Linux community has grown up over the years with stable distros that have all the features I could desire but Zorin has a style that matches my expectations of how a distro should work.

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Part of me is always sad to see another distrohopper settle down and stop hopping. But it's somewhat inevitable once a person has enough Linux experience under their belt. At some point most of us just want to pick our favorite distribution and use it without constantly shifting to a new one.

Zorin OS is certainly a fine choice, particularly for someone who likes a Windows-esque experience. If you aren't familiar with it then you might want to drop by the Zorin OS site. You can also take a tour of Zorin OS, view a gallery of screenshots, download Zorin OS, or read the FAQ.

Here's a review of Zorin OS 9 on YouTube:

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